4 Fundamental Beliefs about Change

Beliefs about Change

1. Change is possible.

This sounds simple and yet it’s easy to get stuck thinking that some people will never change. Importantly, clients can also lose hope that they have the capacity to change. In reality, all people have the power to change their lives for the better. They key is whether they have the motivation, skills and support to be successful.  We can help.

2.  All change is self-change.

We cannot force a person to change.  If change is to occur, the individual must have the motivation and do the work to make it happen. This is not to say they need to this alone. In fact, counselors, group process and Interactive Journals can be important catalysts and guides toward positive change.

3.  Change is a process, not an event.

Significant changes require both time and effort. Many people confuse the process of change with a particular time or event.  In reality, real change comes in stages, often over a long period of time.

4. Change is a universal life experience

Whether facing changes in a corporate setting, within the family or within ourselves, change is a familiar process to all individuals. This process usually brings with it a diverse range of feelings, including anticipation, fear, hopelessness and determination.  Major changes in any habit require motivation, persistent effort and commitment. It’s rarely easy, but the benefits can be substantial.


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